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IMDB notu: 7,2

İtiraf (Confession)

Harun, a rich and successful engineer, finds out that his wife Nilgun is having an affair. Scared of losing her, and in disbelief, he does not confront her. Time starts to pass very slowly and painfully. When the situation becomes unbearable, an all-night inquisition starts. The husband and wife, married for seven years, cannot recognize each other as they start to move in the darkness of their souls. Harun, who has wanted to find out the truth for so long is in for a surprise.

Yönetmen: Zeki Demirkubuz

Oyuncular: Taner Birsel, Başak Köklükaya, İskender Altın, Miraç Eronat, Gülgün Kutlu

Süre: 100 dakika

İtiraf izle